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So, my first blog post!! You can go to the About page for all the basics, so I’ll just jump right into it!

Since I decided to actually start a blog post-lunch, we’ll start with dinner. I wanted to keep it light since tonight was a running night, so I had scrambled eggs with chips and salsa.

Mmm, raw eggs.

With chips and salsa. Pure deliciousness! (Side note: I might have had a few additional chips and salsa while the eggs were cooking.. maybe.)

I would have added spinach as well if we weren’t out, but I made do. I finished it up with a nice glass of light soymilk:

Fast forward a few hours, and my mom and I went on a run after the food digested. Okay, so a little bit of back story: my mom is my running buddy. (Here’s a picture of us from the Turkey Trot last year.)

Having a running buddy is definitely the way to go if at all possible. I love running with my mom, and it’s much more motivating to lace up my shoes when she’s waiting on me. However, we have very opposite running strategies. Hers is slow and steady, running the entire race. On the other hand, I prefer to run faster (relatively.. 7.0 maybe?) and take several walking breaks. We end up finishing at around the same time (or she beats me… but that’s irrelevant.) So tonight, the first mile was kind of rough, as usual. But soon into the run I tweaked something in my knee. I walked it out for a while and the pain went away, and I got to where I could run at a slow pace. So it actually turned out to be a great endurance run! We were originally planning for 5 miles, but around mile 3 we were both feeling great so we decided to do another lap (or half..) and ended up at 6.06 miles!! Awesome. Oh, and I guess I should mention we’re training for a 10k on July 23. I feel much more confident now!!

So after I got home and drank a TON of water and showered, I made a delicious pina colada inspired protein smoothie.

In a lovely BJ’s Father’s Day glass! Haha. In the smoothie:

  • frozen pineapple
  • milk
  • vanilla protein powder
  • coconut extract
Yum! Well, I think that about covers anything. Yay for first blog posts!

2 responses to “Bloggity Blog

  1. Congratulations on your first blog post!

  2. Very good. I can’t wait to read your next post!

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