Blog? What blog?

I am a terrible blogger. All day yesterday I grazed on random foods, only to realize fifteen minutes later that I have a blog and should probably be photographing them. And then I went to Six Flags with a friend, who got me in for free!! Can’t beat that.

So today I woke up with a new determination. I was going to take pictures, no matter what!! …after breakfast that is. I had Total Raisin Bran with skim milk. But let’s move on to lunch! (Side note: I forgot to take my camera to work so I had to make do with a cell phone!)

I’ve been really slacking on the veggies lately, so I decided to make up for it today. I had celery and carrots with hummus and string cheese. Delish! And because I think some may disagree with that, I give you the top three reasons why I loved this lunch.

  1. I felt just full enough after eating, not too full and bloated to function.
  2. I can’t remember the exact flavor of this hummus.. garlic and chive? Herb and chive? Regardless, it is absolutely amazing!
  3. I can take my sweet time eating meals like this without worrying about them getting cold!
I followed up with one of these yummy strawberry fruit strip things:
And then, a few hours later, munched on an apple.
Okay, so I might have taken a few bites before I remembered. But hey, I could have just turned it around and you would never know. At least I’m honest??
Tonight’s workout consisted of an awesome body pump/muscle flex class! I really need to do these things more often. I feel great afterwards, and excited knowing that I earned my protein smoothie! Haha. It’s the little things.
Dinner was a baked microwaved potato with salsa, green peppers, cheese, and greek yogurt.
I actually wasn’t too crazy about this meal.. I didn’t even finish it. I think I could do it again without the salsa, but it was a bit spicy for me. (I’m a wimp!) Here’s the real star of the meal:
I went the peach/mango route tonight. I also added a bit of coconut extract, but clearly not enough because I couldn’t even taste it. It was still very good though! I sipped it very slowly while watching sytycd. I am very disappointed with tonight’s results! Miranda and Robert were some of my favories. But oh well.

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