Welcome to Itemized Eats and Intervals! My name is Sara. I’m currently a graduate student studying accounting, which incidentally is a good transition to the blog name. I know, it’s a mouthful. But I really wanted something that reflected who I am, and the different aspects of my life.

Exercising has become a big part of my life in the past few years. At first I just did it because I wanted to lose weight, but now it has become more of a hobby. My absolute favorite form of working out is step aerobics, as seen in the header. I am currently studying to be a fitness instructor in the fall at my school’s rec center, and I can’t wait!

My other fitness passion is running. I go through phases where I prefer treadmills or outdoor runs, but either one works for me! I try to fit in strength training as well when I can, but it’s a challenge for me. Seeing as how I’m very numbers oriented (hello accounting background), I track calories to try to get to my goal weight. Since strength training doesn’t burn many calories, I don’t have as much motivation to do it, although I know the benefits go beyond the calories burned during the workout.

As for food… I am definitely on a journey of eating healthier. Growing up, I had lots of kraft mac and cheese (I would seriously live off that stuff if given the chance) and not many fresh foods. I’m trying to incorporate more fruits and veggies into my diet every day. I also recently became a vegetarian in April, so I am still experimenting with that as well. (I have quinoa in the pantry waiting for me to try it!) I’ve been reading food blogs for a while and they have definitely helped me with new ideas and great vegetarian sources of protein, along with some fantastic workouts!

And what would an “about me” page be without a section about my pet?? This is Raina.

Cute, huh? (Yes, I still sleep with a teddy bear cat. It’s perfectly normal for a 21 year old. Just accept it.) Raina is a six month old siamese mix. She’s pretty much awesome.

But, seeing as this is a food/healthy living blog and not a cat blog (do such things exist? Would anyone read that??) I’ll get back to the real purpose of the blog. Don’t worry, you’ll be seeing a lot more of her in the future!

And since I mentioned my cat, I should probably mention my boyfriend! This is James and I at my graduation. He might be showing up in a few blog posts in the future as well!


So through this blog I plan to document my food and exercise as a way to stay accountable and improve my lifestyle. Thanks for reading!


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